Welcome to Rincon Swim School

Rincon Swim School came in to fruition from a lifelong passion of growing up, teaching, and competing in pools and the ocean for 20+ years. In our community, we are surrounded by water in which water safety and swimming are top priorities. No person is ‘Drown Proof.'

Swimming is exercise, rehabilitating, therapeutic and a survival skill; it has so many advantages that can benefit physically and mentally. 

Rincon Swim School Philosophy

Lessons are done at the students pace of comfort to build an organic love of the water and willingness to improve. The program is structured to tailor each lesson to the students needs through repetition, consistency, achievements, and of course, FUN! Every student learns at their own pace which awards success through milestones we accomplish together. 

Our swim school an ongoing instructional program. Swim lessons take time, effort, and patience for results. Lessons are an essential service and an investment in a child’s future. Rincon Swim School operates on a year round basis to ensure consistency within the growth of the student.

With 3 kids, we’ve spent 100’s of hours in swim lessons, and Andrea is by far the most effective teacher any of my children have had. My youngest isn’t always easy to teach (Andrea has an incredible tolerance for screaming toddlers!), but at almost 2.5 she is at the same level my older children were at 4 years old. Not only is my daughter quickly progressing towards being water-safe thanks to Andrea’s instruction, but she loves going to swimming lessons and makes noticeable improvement every lesson. Andrea has the perfect combination of patience, skill and experience to know how to challenge and motivate her students, while keeping her lessons fun. We love Andrea! We really do:)

Sarah Grewe, Carpinteria.