Water Babies

Congratulations on making the first step to introducing your child to their new water environment! You are on your way by bonding with your little and watching  them become water safe and learning to love the water. 

Our class is gentle and nurturing routine based. The class is guided by movement, song, and socialization. Classes are designed for the child to acclimate and explore their surrounding. The babies will love to learn the water and practice their newly learned skills towards the water safe goal. 

There are many benefits to parent and me classes. It creates a closer bond between the parent and child since lessons are very close skin to skin contact. There are also physical and psychological benefits such as the use of more muscles and refining motor skills, cognitive development, and cardiovascular improvement to name a few. 

Most babies are unsure about their new environment, people, and instructor! This is completely normal. Most babies will cry the first few lessons and that is ok! The program has a consistent routine so the child will learn what to expect. It is important to always keep smiling and encouraging you little one through the tears. Babies less than a year old tend to accept the water more readily than older children. Your instructor will work with you and the child individually. This will help them learn to trust so when it's time for one on one swim lessons, the child will be happy to go. There's lots of foundation work here! 


Reusable double diapering only. Disposable diapers aren't accepted as they do not hold in accidents. Reusable diapers provide a tight seal around the legs and waist. The swim diapers will need to be replaced every 6 months as your child grows and the diaper stretches.  

These are the requirements for the pool. If there is leakage or an accident in the  pool, we have to shut down the pool for 24 hours. Please note, no participation unless the correct diapers are worn.

Baby wetsuits are highly recommended. The pool is 88 degrees but babies and toddlers aren't able to regulate their body temperatures like adults. 

Summer 2023

Fridays starting June 23rd - August 18th

Infant Class - 10:30 - 10:55am; ages 3 months - 17 months. 

Toddler Class - 11am - 11:25am; ages 18 months to 3 years. 


  • Water Babies - 25 minutes /$38 lesson per family. Adult is required to get in with the child.

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I took my (almost) 2 year old daughter to our first Water Baby swim class with Andrea and we had an amazing experience! She sang fun songs so my toddler was interested right away and comfortable in the water, while incorporating skills like kicking, arm movements, floating on her back, and blowing bubbles with her face in the water. When Andrea introduced the class, she was clear that water safety was her priority. She not only teaches and reinforces these techniques to her students, but also helps guide us parents to reiterate how important this is! I highly recommend Andrea, we can't wait for our next class!

Alyssa P., Ojai.