Private Residence

What are the requirements to teach in private residences?

Pool temperature is to be set at 88 or warmer and properly chemically maintained. The temperature for the Water Baby Class is required to be 90-93 degrees.

Please keep in mind, of your pool maintenance schedule with chemicals. Lessons should take place 32-48 hours after chemicals have been added.

Please note, if the water is not an at an adequate temperature, lessons will not be conducted. Families will be responsible for full lesson price.


Rates are dependent upon location. This includes Carpinteria, Montecito, Mesa, Hope Ranch, and Santa Barbara.

Base rate is $90 per lesson with one hour booking minimum.

Please inquire below and kindly provide your home location. 

    • Private Lessons; one on one instruction.
      • Lesson times are on the 1/2 hour and may be split with a sibling or a friend.
    • Semi Private; 2 swimmers* - 30 minutes.
      • *Both children must be water proficient.
      • Water proficient qualifies as comfortable putting face in the water, floating on front and back without assistance, water basic skills. 
    • Water Babies - 25 minutes.
      • 4 family minimum. 
      • Adult is required to be in the water with the child.

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    The money we have spent on swim lessons with Andrea is by far the best money we have spent on our 3 year-old son, yet. She beautifully balances his need for comfort and security with the goal (and challenge) of making sure he is safe and confident in the water. Our prior experiences with swim teachers pale in comparison to what we have witnessed with Andrea. She has not only taught him the necessary skills but she has also fostered his love for the water!

    Olivia Sparkhul, Carpinteria.