JG Swim Prep

The Junior Lifeguard Swim Prep program is designed to refine swim skills, improve  technique, and conditioning. This is not a learn to swim program. 


The course objective is to prepare swimmers for Junior Lifeguard try outs in the Spring. The program is aimed to improve swimming skills and build up the conditioning needed to safely participate in a local junior lifeguard program. 

This class will assist new junior lifeguards in meeting the minimum requirements to qualify. It is designed to be a fun, stress-free, group environment. 

Overall, the swim test for Junior Lifeguards embodies various aspects that a strong swimmer would need to possess.  With these helpful tips and resources to prepare, your child should have no problem passing their test and becoming a Junior Lifeguard!

 Requirements for Class

Long hair must be pulled back. Swim caps will be provided. 

No goggles initially. Students will need to learn to swim in water with out the reliance of goggles. Once the student has demonstrated opening their eyes under water comfortably, they may begin to wear goggles under instructors recommendation.

All participants must bring a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated and their choice of sunscreen.

Campus locker rooms are not available, but changing restrooms are. Please come prepared to dress warm after practice. 

Andrea was instrumental in my 8 year old daughter passing the Junior Guards swim test this year. She's a total fish but when it came to putting her face in the water and proper form, she had a mental block. After just a few lessons with Andrea she cut a full minute off of her swim time and she passed! But the best part of the whole experience was when my daughter said "Mom, Andrea really cares about me doesn't she." I cannot recommend Andrea enough, she truly is gifted at what she does. 

Andrea Russell, Carpinteria.