How does Rincon Swim School set the bar for premier lessons? 

As a second generation swim school family, Rincon Swim School offers over 25+ years of experience in teaching self rescue, formal swim lessons, and coaching competitive swimmers. 

Families and friends have the opportunity to have the school take place in the comfort of a private residence or Cate School. This provides a quiet and relaxed environment for the student. There is only one instructor per student for the entire lesson duration which provides consistency in the child’s skill development.

What important milestones will my child learn from the lessons?

Creating smart habits around and in the water is the foundation in which swimming is learned. This will instill making good choices around any body of water. Once the safety foundation is laid, the student begins to learn their water basics and build.

Please be patient if your child is new to the pool. Children can take up to 4-6 lessons before they try putting their eyes in. Some will jump right in. See below.

My child nervous, they may want me, they don’t like it, what do I do?

99% of children look to their parents as the safety net and will scream and/or cry. Your child is in a new environment with a new person. It is completely normal for them to react this way!

It is best for parents to watch from a protected view where the child can’t see you. This helps redirect the focus, begin to build confidence, and trust through water exploration. Positive reinforcement and consistency will help through the first few lessons most children protest and cry. It will pass! 

I’m new, how do I prepare my infant for lessons?

Reusable swim diapers (ditch the disposables!) are required as well for children who are not potty trained. Disposables and cloth diapers do not seal well to prevent leakage. If purchased from our swim shop, we will deliver to your lesson. 

In addition to the diapers, UPF rash guards are a great choice. Sunscreen is always a must! 

What do I need for swim lessons in general?

Swim suit, sunscreen, swim diaper for non potty trained children, towel, long hair must be pulled back including bangs, extra change of clothes, water and snack for the ride home!

Does the swim school carry insurance?

Rincon Swim School additionally insures your property at no extra charge. A copy of the Certificate of Liability Insurance naming the property owner and guests at the location.

“We have been incredibly fortunate to have Andrea as our daughter’s swim instructor. She is a kind, creative, professional and consistent business owner and teacher. Our soon to be three year old was initially a bit cautious of the water and the idea of swim lessons. Andrea did a phenomenal job of introducing our little one to the pool and making her feel comfortable and confident. Needless to say, she is now begging for more lessons and talking about Andrea constantly. I highly recommend Rincon Swim School for any age and experience level. It has been such a wonderful experience watching our daughter learn new skills in a fun and safe environment.”

Nikki T., Santa Barbara.