Community Outreach

The Swim School has been very fortunate to work with the members of the community in various ways. Here are a few outstanding organizations we’re working with. 

Girls Inc. of Carpinteria

The swim school has just completed another fabulous Summer in working with the Eureka!, Strong, and Day Camps of Girls Inc. It has been such a pleasure to teach the girls life saving tips, learn self saving positions, and have a lot of fun in the sun! As a female business owner it is important to show these girls they can to, be their own successful entrepreneur and make a career out of their passion. 

Cate High School Swim Class

Cate High School's incoming Freshman are required to pass a swim test in order to participate in off campus trips and receive their diploma. It is recognized as an essential life saving skill. We meet once a week to work on breath control, technique, and endurance skills until they can successfully pass their test! 

Junior Guards Swim Prep

Junior Guards is a huge part of our Summer programs for many kids in the community. This is a confidence and swim refinement program so parents and kids will have piece of mind on swim test day! The main areas of focus are technique and endurance for those who can swim but need a little bit of work. There's nothing better than a phone call from a proud parent and excited child who just passed the test! 

Carpinteria High School Pool Project

Aquatics are big in our community and there's buzz about a high school pool. With our advanced aquatics programs at Carp High School, it's time the teams host meets and games on their beautiful home turf they can be proud of! A new recreational facility will benefit and enhance the students and community, provide more jobs, and open up overall accessibility to the community pool as well. Time to start fundraising! I'm in! 

Andrea’s teaching approach made my kids so eager to swim each week. Each day they would run to their lesson and beg to be the first one to go. In 1 week my son went from a very weak doggy paddle to being able to float on his back and side breath freestyle. My daughter who was an ok swimmer, became very confident, has a beautiful stroke, the ability and confidence to swim a pool length or two, and a goal of trying out for the swim team. Andrea honed in on each of my children’s personalities, saw what works best to motivate them and pushed them to excel.

I highly recommend Andrea and Rincon Swim School, thanks to her I have two great swimmers, but most importantly two kiddos who are water safe.

 Aja Forner, Carpinteria.